January 16, 2023

Food that cares

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Megan Raynor

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We all deserve to be cared for and looked after - whether we’re the caregivers or the young. Food is one form of care that looks after everyone, something The General knows well.

The General recently showed care for their community by paying-forward 20 meals to Homes of Hope to fill the bellies of the caregivers and the children they support.

Homes of Hope provides care to children who have been affected by trauma in their lives. They do this through whānau-style homes and therapeutic interventions, so that those in their care can feel safe, loved and nurtured – as all children should be.

Having a restaurant-quality meal not only feels special for the children, but it also gives the house parents an opportunity to have a well-deserved night off cooking.


Alongside The General’s customers, Mike Greer Homes makes donations to help their pay-it-forwards go further, so they can provide more meals. This is much appreciated by Homes of Hope, thank you to both of these generous businesses. 



Together, The General, Mike Greer Homes, Homes of Hope, and you can help to make New Zealand a better place for some of the hurting and precious children in our community.


If you were looking for a reason to enjoy The General’s made from scratch treats, now you have one. Head to 19B Pacific Avenue in Mount Maunganui and add a pay-it-forward onto your bill when you pay - no matter how small, it makes a difference.

Or head to our marketplace to see where else you can pay-it-forward.

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