January 16, 2023

WOW, 1,280 meals paid-forward

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Each individual impacted by others generosity is a story worth telling. That's why we said WOW when the Daily Cafe delivered 1,280 lunches to Te Puke schools.

The Daily Cafe are a very special partner for GoGenerosity, as one of our very first partners and an award winning cafe built around supporting their local community. That's right, all profit from the daily goes to The Search Party Charitable Trust to care for Te Puke locals who are doing it tough. How awesome!

So why do they need GoGenerosity? GoGenerosity helps a business that is already a social enterprise, communicate with their customers, tell their stories of generosity through our software platform and, at times, distribute meals to where they are most needed. Even when their business is built to do good, GoGenerosity simply plugs in to help them do more.

We love what The Daily Cafe and The Search Party Charitable Trust do and this recent distribution of 1280 lunches to local schools is an incredible act of generosity from The Daily team and their customers. This means there are 1,280 kids who wouldn't have been able to eat, having a healthy, nutritious lunch, that feeds them and makes them feel valued. Being fed not only stops these young New Zealanders being hungry, it keeps them fuelled for the learning and playing that is critical to their adult future. Also, let's not forget the impact on their families, as they feel loved and supported by their local school as these parents work hard to bring up their kids. Knowing others have your children's best interests at heart is a life giving thing.

If you'd like to be part of seeing a local person enjoy a better future, check out where you can pay-it-forward below 👇

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