January 16, 2023

Fueling volunteers to help the elderly

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Age Concern Tauranga supports people who struggle from the effects of getting older, like helping them do tasks they can't do anymore and being there for them when they don't have others to spend time with. Since being on our platform, Z Energy (Thanks to their generous customers) have frequently paid-forward fuel vouchers to help Tanya at Age Concern support her volunteers to be able to de more of the good they already do in their community. Helping people survive and thrive is one of GoGenerosity's core values that is portrayed in the partnership between Z and Age Concern, making the lives of older people in our community better, and helping them to thrive, not just survive 🤗

Support your local and people in need by visiting our Generosity marketplace & checking out which of your local's accepts your pay-it-forwards đź’š


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