January 16, 2023

The warmth a dutch meal brings

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Being home alone is one thing but being alone with no home is another. Such is the situation for a number of Hamilton men who have nowhere to go.


That’s where the Hamilton Christian Nightshelter Trust comes in. It was created to offer temporary or emergency accommodation and support for individuals who are in urgent need of housing. It also assists them to find more permanent housing as well. The men’s shelter at 474 Anglesea Street (in downtown Hamilton) offers a bed and shelter for homeless men in the area (the Trust also has a smaller separate shelter for women as well).


The men’s shelter is always looking for donations but also acknowledges that they have been so blessed with the generous nature of the community. One such example of generosity were the 14 meals that were paid-forward from Zenders Cafe, also based in the Hamilton region.


Zenders Cafe has a Dutch theme as it was set up by three sisters to honour their (Dutch) immigrant parents and wider Dutch culture. They offer a warm Dutch welcome to whoever wants to come for coffee or a meal – much like the warm Kiwi welcome that the Hamilton men’s shelter offers its guests. 

Zenders has yummy treats on offer, like burgers and fish and chips, but also particular Dutch delicacies, like Beef Kroketten (croquettes), Dutch-Style Pancakes and even Speculaas (a spicy Dutch biscuit) Ice Cream! Whether the 14 meals to the men’s shelter were Dutch or not, they would have been tasty and made with Dutch-style hospitality. This is an example of true international generosity!


S&L Land Specialists, a land surveyor in downtown Tauranga, has partnered with Zenders to amplify their generosity in helping the Hamilton men’s shelter. S&L Land Specialists also believe in paying-it-forward for a better future for all New Zealanders.


If you want to experience another country’s influence without leaving the country, why not head out in the country to 44 Hopkins Road in Newstead to enjoy Zenders’ gezellig (warm and welcoming) hospitality experience—you won’t regret it! You could also add a little to your bill to help those at the Hamilton men’s shelter (and other organisations) that Zenders supports too.


Eet goed (eat well) everyone!

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