January 16, 2023

Whānau feeding whānau

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Megan Raynor

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The family kitchen table is often referred to as the heart of the home. A place where plans are made, problems are worked out over food, and feast are enjoyed. It’s a place of love, care and full plates.

This is exactly what The Family Kitchen epitomises, through their support of Kura Kai, a charity that helps feed students and their whānau.

The Family Kitchen is a family-owned business who make it easier for other families to have fresh and delicious meals, prepared with love. They provide this through subscriptions, ready-made meals and ‘a la carte’ dishes, all created with the ethos of helping Kiwis eat well no matter how busy they are or how lacklustre their cooking skills.

They used their talents to help the families that Kura Kai support, paying-it-forward 35 meals ready to go to those whose kitchen table might be a bit empty.

Kura Kai follow the kaupapa of “whānau cooking for whānau” so we can’t imagine a more perfect fit. They take these meals and put them in freezers at secondary schools, providing a safe and easy way for students and families in need to get access to meals.

To help The Family Kitchen’s pay-it-forwards go further, CSC Buying Group paid-it-forward and allowed them to make even more meals for Kura Kai.

If you want to help support locals in need, head to our marketplace to see where you can pay-it-forward. All of the small amounts paid-forward are added up to provide goods or services to those who need them most - even 20 cents helps.

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