February 24, 2023

Helping our kids’ mental health

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Kids sometimes feel overwhelmed about life. They find it hard to talk about issues, whether it’s because they haven’t learnt how to, because they find them overwhelming, or because they feel they’ve no one to talk to about them. Some might even think they are the only ones who feel this way. 

This is where I AM HOPE comes in. I AM HOPE tries to silence the inner critic that tells our rangatahi (youth) that they’re worthless. They work to deliver mental health education in schools, helping our kids learn tools to cope with the pressures they face. Their aim is to bring about “positive societal attitudinal change” to help our kids overcome the negative self-talk and doubts about themselves. They want kids to feel good about who they are. As well as their school visits, I AM HOPE has enabled free counselling for thousands of Kiwi kids over the years. 

To support I AM HOPE on their school visits around Aotearoa, My Coffee Capsules generously paid-it-forward $300 worth of vouchers for their coffee products. These capsules mean that I AM HOPE volunteers can chat with school staff over a coffee, talking to them about the importance of mental health and how they can work together to help our youth. Every conversation is a step towards supporting our rangatahi.

Along with the I AM HOPE team, we want to extend a huge thank you to My Coffee Capsules and their generous customers who paid-it-forward.

Their generosity in helping I AM HOPE has meant that even more kids can get the help they need. You can help too by adding a little pay-it-forward to your bill next time you grab your coffee capsules from My Coffee Capsules.

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