January 16, 2023

Full bellies. Full hearts.

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When you’re hungry, cold and lonely, a belly-filling hot meal can make you feel cared for. For the homeless and displaced of Rotorua, this was made possible thanks to Greenhouse Kitchen and Bar.


Greenhouse Kitchen and Bar recently paid-it-forward 40 meals (you read that right - 40!) to Feeding Rotorua so that they could help those in need in their region. Feeding Rotorua aims to offer a better future to the needy and homeless in Rotorua, and they rely on the generosity of others to feed locals seven days per week. This made them extra grateful to Greenhouse for such a huge supply of food and their lovely service.


Those who got to enjoy the meals said, “The meals were lovely! The meat was chunky and tender. The rice was nice as well. It tasted like a good old fashioned meat stew full of flavour.” 

Sounds like exactly what you need when you’re cold and hungry!

Beyond delicious stews for those in need, Greenhouse Kitchen and Bar are mainly known for their sizzling steaks, creative cocktails, and great kids menu. They’re well worth a visit if you’re in the area.


Supporting Greenhouse in meeting community needs is CSC Buying Group, a not-for-profit wholesaler based in Cambridge. They generously donated to help Greenhouse pay-it-forward to more Rotorua locals.

The best part is that we can all be part of the generosity in helping others just by adding a little $1 or $2 to the total bill, that is then turned into more hearty meals for the homeless.

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