January 16, 2023

A hand-up during addiction recovery

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If you've read our blog, followed our social media, or watched one of our videos, there's a good chance you've heard us mention Amelia Jonck and the generous customers from Features inc in Bureta, Tauranga.

This amazing business and group of customers have been onboard the GoGenerosity journey from day one. Small amounts being paid-forward often quickly add up to a lot, giving the Features Inc team the ability to pay-forward  beauty treatments for deserving local ladies. In fact, we have already had a number of awesome stories of how being pampered has met the emotional needs of people doing it tough in our community, as well as giving the recipients a heightened sense of dignity and a fresh sense of confidence.

The most recent story is from a single mum recovering from addiction. Thanks to the Curate Cares team the lady was able to come in and receive an eyebrow treatment and facial.  The lady commented that she was, "stoked to be feeling ‘pretty’ and "cared for” which made a big difference to her confidence!"

"Stoked to be feeling ‘pretty’ and "cared for” which made a big difference to her confidence!"

This story highlights several of our core values ; giving people in need a hand up, and not just a hand out. This experience gave the lady a new sense of confidence to take life head on to help her change her circumstances. It also speaks to the fact that we believe in equality of experience and treatment. This lady has been left feeling like she is as important and valued as anyone else in our community, because other people thought about her needs as well as their own by paying -it-forward.

Thanks to Features Inc and your awesome customers for paying-it-forward for a better future 🙏 .

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