May 4, 2023

Moving forward with the 3 Rs

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For those of us with a car, filling it up with fuel can cost a lot, especially for petrol. This cost can be an especially heavy burden for those generous folk in the community who work as volunteers for various charitable and not-for-profit organisations.


One of these not-for-profits in New Zealand is RRR, which stands for Rescue, Revive, Rehome—of animals that is. RRR was set up in 2019 to rescue hurt, abused or abandoned animals, nursing them back to full health and then fostering them out to loving and caring homes. Although RRR is based in the Bay of Plenty, their kindly rescuer volunteers travel all over the country to save animals, so their fuel bills are often quite high.


This is where Z Energy has stepped in. Z Energy is in the business of supplying energy needs (of vehicles) and keeping people moving. Z Energy has paid-it-forward two vouchers for $350 and $250 to RRR so that their rescuers can do what they do best—rescuing animals—without having to bear the added burden of higher fuel costs. This is just one way that Z Energy is investing in the New Zealand community.


Corporate partners Spark Business Hub BOP and S&L Land Specialists also came to the party to help out with Z Energy’s generosity to RRR, so a number of businesses were part of the pay-it-forwards.


You, too, can be part of the action by adding a little to your bill next time you’re filling up at Z Energy—be it petrol or power.

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