January 16, 2023

More people are enjoying Rain Bar meals

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Eating out at a restaurant is a real treat—and now, more people can enjoy restaurant-quality meals in their own home thanks to Rain Bar and Curate Cares. Rain Bar is Papamoa’s friendly local bar and eatery, and Curate Cares—as its name suggests—is an organisation that cares for its community. Partnering with Rain Bar in Papamoa, part of Curate Cares’ role is now delivering restaurant meals to those who might not be able to usually enjoy such gourmet fare. This is a real gift for some folk in our community.


Julie, one of the hardworking volunteers at Curate Cares, says a “very happy family” has recently been blessed with one such delicious meal, and she is grateful for Rain Bar’s generosity in also wanting to help those in their community.

Rain Bar in Gravatt Road in Papamoa regularly works with Curate Cares in paying-it-forward, with chefs preparing 20 meals each fortnight to give to families and people in the Bay of Plenty area. Curate Cares picks up these meals from Rain Bar and delivers them with care and a smile.


Next time you visit Rain Bar, you may want to add a small amount to your bill to also be a part of offering some of their delicious meals to those who may not be able to afford it. This pay-it-forward model is at the heart of what GoGenerosity is all about.


Here at GoGenerosity, we think Rain Bar’s contribution is awesome and enforces our values of caring for others, one pay-it-forward step—or meal—at a time.

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