January 16, 2023

Henry and Ted feed local people in need

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Henry & Ted are a café and eatery in Papamoa. They are open seven days per week, from around 7am until 3pm, and serve organic food, a range of teas, and fair trade coffee—you can find them at 5 Golden Sands Drive. They even have a menu for the littlies, so you can bring the whole family along! Keto fans can also find special treats here. Henry & Ted not only believe in good food but also in looking after people.

Their customers are their first priority, but they also look further afield into the community and have donated 10 meals to Under the Stars in Tauranga.


Under the Stars offers meals to the homeless and hungry people of Tauranga twice per week: Saturday evening dinners and Thursday lunches. They proudly boast that they have “never missed a Saturday dinner since we started in October 2014 or a Thursday lunch since that began in August 2019.” Under the Stars began serving the homeless and needy in the open air—al fresco if you like!—so that is how they came to get their name. Under the Stars is a charitable trust that is run by volunteers and relies solely on donations. So, Under the Stars was very grateful for the meals from Henry & Ted to assist them as they reach out to the needy in the Tauranga (and beyond) community.


For us, this is another success story of you paying-it-forward at your local cafe (Henry & Ted)  who go on to paying-it-forward their time and resources to help an organisation (Under the Stars) to meet a need in the community. Altogether, we can slowly but surely make a difference in other people’s lives.

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