August 23, 2023

Having that “can do” attitude

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Can kids do anything? Not always. You see, it depends on whether they’ve had the right start in life.  And there’s a lot of Kiwi kids who live in poverty in New Zealand.


Can someone help? Well, KidsCan can! KidsCan was set up in 2005 and is now one of the largest charities in New Zealand helping kids in poverty. The organisation works with partnering schools and early childhood centres to distribute food, clothing and health products. Because they are fed good food, and are warm and well, the children can concentrate and learn better. This means they achieve and stay at school longer and have more of a chance of securing a better and higher paying job later in life, thus breaking out of the poverty cycle.


But to help these Kiwi kids in need, KidsCan needs help. One company that also believes in helping others is Nothing Naughty, a health food manufacturer, that paid-it-forward $1,000 (yes, $1,000!) to KidsCan.


Nothing Naughty is based in Tirau in the Waikato. They produce nutritious snack foods using healthy ingredients and natural sweeteners. Their products are gluten free, and they use simple packaging too so their focus is on the food quality. Oh—and they also produce protein powders, collagen and sauces … all using the same quality ingredients. Next time you’re feeling peckish and need an edible treat that you know is good for you, why not head to Nothing Naughty stockists or buy their products online and add to your bill to keep the pay-it-forwards coming. There’s a lot of Kiwi kids out there who’ll be grateful for your support!

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