January 16, 2023

The humble sausage

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The humble sausage has been part of New Zealand BBQs and summer eating forever. Who’s got memories of beach or backyard get-togethers with a sausage wrapped in bread and with lashings of tomato sauce? It’s almost a rite of passage of Kiwi childhood. Well now sausages aren’t just a sign of summer, they’re a step towards relieving the pressure of food poverty.

El Jefe Meats, a gourmet South American sausage and cured meats creator, recently paid-it-forward $420 worth of their meat products to The Salvation Army.

Specialising in delicacies including Argentinian Chorizo and Uruguayan Morcilla (also known as Black Pudding) sausages, as well as bacon and meatballs, the recipients were in for a treat. 

The Salvation Army used this generous pay-it-forward to further their aim of caring for people, by alleviating some of the stress of feeding hungry families.

This pay-it-forward was supported by First Mortgage Trust (15 First Ave in Tauranga) who made a corporate donation to allow El Jefe to provide even more of their meat to those in need.

El Jefe makes it easy for you to pay-it-forward as well by adding an extra amount, no matter how small, to your total bill. Check out El Jefe online – you can buy their delicious product AND give generously so easily! They’ll deliver to your home if you live in Tauranga or you can order online and collect their goods at Unit 3, 60 Aviation Ave in Mount Maunganui.


So … clean off BBQ (check), fill gas bottle/buy charcoal (check), add tomato sauce to shopping list (check), and order sausages from El Jefe with a little pay-it-forward while you’re at it.

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