March 3, 2023

Sausages for dinner anyone?

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There’s nothing like an outdoors barbie - sausages on the go, tomato sauce at the ready and a glass or two raised to toast a special occasion. 

But not everyone can enjoy these culinary delights. They may have no backyard to house a BBQ or money to grill meats, or simply struggle to make ends meet with just the basics for living. 

Enter Under the Stars. Under the Stars has been serving free nutritious and tasty meals to Tauranga’s homeless and needy since 2014. That’s hundreds of meals every week – lunches on Thursdays and dinners on Saturdays – at 45 Cliff Road in Tauranga. But they cannot do this alone, relying on donations of time (from volunteers), money and food to provide this service to meet a need in the community.

To assist with food for these meals, The Snag Co. paid-it-forward $200 worth of their mouth-watering sausages to be used by Under the Stars. 

The Snag Co. is an artisan business that hand makes sausages – without additives or preservatives – from their premises at 5 York Ave in Mount Maunganui. They use locally produced (so really fresh!) pork, beef and lamb for their sausies, plus they’re also gluten free and dairy free. If that sounds like something you want on your barbie, you can be part of the paying-it-forward when you pick up your goodies, so The Snag Co. can continue assisting Under the Stars.

And if you’re not in the mood for sausages, head to the marketplace to see other generous businesses where you can pay-it-forward.

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