September 22, 2023

Sanitary homes should not be a luxury

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Life, as we all know, has a knack for throwing unexpected challenges our way. Whether it's a daunting stack of bills, the relentless hike of grocery prices, or extreme weather events, these financial hurdles can turn life into a cycle of stress and worry.

Since 2011 Fair Food NZ has been supporting Auckland charities by rescuing and redistributing food that would otherwise go to waste. By providing food to 40+ groups including family and youth programmes, church groups, mental health groups, young mums, those sleeping rough and many, many more, they help struggling families get access to food.

Since the the floods across Tamaki Makaurau there are even more people in need of support as they rebuild their homes and lives. Life has returned to normal for many Kiwis, which means the ones left struggling aren’t being seen.


For many this means they’re relying on stretching their finances even further, leaving behind things that are perceived as an absolute necessity. Non-luxury items are suddenly deemed as luxuries, including sanitary products, toiletries and cleaning products.

This leaves them with a big gap in their cleaning products, which is less than ideal when trying to rebuild a safe and sanitary environment.

"Groceries are the flexible expense in a tight budget, and with the cost of living crisis hitting our community hard, cleaning products can feel like a luxury item. Often, people don't think about toiletries, personal care, or cleaning items when they're donating to a food bank, but these are very much needed, especially in homes that are still rebuilding after the flood."

Michelle, Fair Food NZ

Through their partnership with Cleanery, Fair Food NZ has been able to provide much-needed cleaning products along with the rescued food.

“The Cleanery products are super easy to use since they're powder-based. We also got some cute labels to stick on the bottles. We love having a solution that meets our community's need without burdening them with waste”  Michelle says.

As well as being powder-based and eco-friendly, Cleanery’s products are provided in small sachets making them easier to distribute amongst the different charity groups. They’re also a certified B Corp, Living Wage Employer made right here in New Zealand, so we love to see their heart for doing good is expanding out into the Auckland community. 

The partnership between Fair Food NZ and Cleanery exemplifies the power of collaboration and community support. Through the generosity of Cleanery’s customers, and the dedication of Fair Food NZ, countless families in Auckland have found a lifeline in their times of need, ensuring no one is left behind.

In a world that often focuses on grand gestures, this story reminds us that it's the small acts of kindness and the thoughtful partnerships that can truly make a difference in the lives of our neighbors. It's a testament to the resilience of the Auckland community and the belief that, together, they can overcome any challenge that comes their way.

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