December 20, 2023

Opal and Sage: Caring for people in different ways

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Opal and Sage—who would have thought that stones and herbs could go together so well! How? By making candles and crystals to make our homes and lives smell and feel better. Although established in Ruby Bay near Nelson, Opal and Sage sell their products online and through stockists throughout New Zealand and even overseas. Their scented influence spreads far and wide! 

But not only do their products have influence. You see, Opal and Sage also believe in meeting needs in the community and paid-it-forward a $200 voucher for their products to the Tauranga Women’s Refuge to be used for the care of the women and children that they look after. 

Tauranga Women’s Refuge was set up in 1980 as a place of safety (refuge) for women and their families affected by domestic violence. Many of these women have nowhere to go when they flee the enduring violence from their (usually) family members, so many Tauranga women are grateful for the care that has been offered to them for over 40 years. Domestic violence can be physical, but also emotional and psychological as well. Tauranga Women’s Refuge is a not-for-profit that relies on the generosity of the community, like Opal and Sage, to fund their safe houses but also the other work they do like their 24-hour crisis line and counselling. Opal and Sage’s products can help to offer a scented and ambient respite from the reality of their worlds and experiences. 

So, next time you want to add a little something to your home or to give a special gift to someone, why not check out Opal and Sage? You can add a little to your bill when you come to pay so that Opal and Sage can continue to give generously to Tauranga Women’s Refuge too.

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