January 16, 2023

Bread for youth

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Written by:

Megan Raynor

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There’s a (very strange but fitting) Swiss proverb that says “avoid those who don’t like bread and children.” Elspeth Bakery must love both as they recently paid-forward $100 worth of their artisanal bread to Kura Kai, to go along with the freezer meals this charity provides students and their families.

The Elspeth bread is incredibly needed, as a way to help fill the tables of our local youth and their whānau. This is Kura Kai’s mission, caring for their community by tackling food insecurity through local high schools. They do this by purchasing chest freezers that are kept at partnering secondary schools who then identify rangatahi in their school community that could benefit from nutritious meals. To fill them they need the support of businesses like Elspeth Bakery.

To make Elspeth Bakery’s customer’s pay-it-forwards go further, HospoConnect added a donation on top, meaning more bread could be provided to Kura Kai.

HospoConnect supplies restaurants with the ingredients and equipment the chefs need to create the delicious meals (and breads) we eat.

We believe that the more generosity we show, the more it can grow. This cycle of HospoConnect—Elspeth—Kura Kai is just one example of generosity being amplified and multiplied. You, too, could be part of this chain of giving by paying-it-forward at any of our partners’ stores, linked below.

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