January 16, 2023

Meals to uplift hearts

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When you’re grieving, you haven’t got the time or energy for thinking about mundane things like cooking meals. It’s all just too emotionally draining and another thing you don’t need on your plate. When you’re in this state, something as simple as a meal can make a huge difference.


Agora Cafe in Hamilton wanted to help parents who are feeling like this, and paid-it-forward 48 meals to True Colours Children’s Health Trust. True Colours are a charity who supports Waikato families who have a child with a serious health condition or who are grieving the death of their baby or child.In this gesture of kindness, Agora was able to help in a small way to ease some of the pain and hardship that these families are going through, taking the worry of cooking off their plate and making sure everyone is fed.


True Colours say: “From diagnosis, through to cure, bereavement or on-going adjustment to living with a life-limiting illness, we are there to support families during the hardest of times.”

The support of businesses like Agora, and other providers and health professionals makes all the difference in what they can offer to these families. 


If you want to be part of this ecosystem of generosity (and as a bonus enjoy some incredible food and coffee), you can find Agora Cafe on Kent Street in Frankton.


To see the extent of Agora’s impact and how helpful your pay-it-forwards are, head to their generosity HUB here.

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