September 22, 2023

NN x Kids Can: Feed a child for a year

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Every day there are Kiwi kids are going to school hungry, cold, and in need of extra support. Since 2005, KidsCan has been providing this support for the 1 in 6 tamariki living in poverty, through clothing, food and shoes. But it’s getting harder.

“As food prices soar, teachers fear a ‘cost of learning crisis’ - with many kids arriving in class too hungry to learn or not turning up at all.”

As the costs of living and groceries climb up and up, so too do the costs for KidsCan to provide food and clothing for 1100 schools and ECE nationwide.

It’s a double whammy, with more families struggling and in need of help, and more strain on the KidsCan resources. It’s through generous individuals and companies like Nothing Naughty that they’re able to continue their mission of providing tamariki with the essentials they need, so they can learn.

Fundraising is a huge part of this, which is where Nothing Naughty’s pay-it-forwards come in. For KidsCan to fund one child for a year, it costs $360, a focus for the current Auckland Marathon fundraisers.

“The Nothing Naughty products are being used as incentives for our Auckland Marathon fundraisers. When they reach $360 raised (the amount it costs to fund one child with our programmes for a year) they are eligible for a Nothing Naughty gift pack along with a KidsCan running shirt.” - Liz


Through generous customers paying-it-forward (donating) at the checkout, Nothing Naughty were recently able to provide KidsCan with a $1000 voucher. The charity redeemed this to get Nothing Naughty’s tasty protein bars and more, ready to encourage fundraisers to reach that magic number.

Sound like a mission you’d love to get behind? Head to Nothing Naughty to buy some for yourself and add a little pay-it-forward at the checkout. Together we can help tackle the ‘cost of learning’ crisis by supporting this incredible charity, while enjoying the protein bars too.

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