January 16, 2023

Community connection

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Connection is something we all want as humans. We’re social beings, and we’re meant to live and work together and want to feel part of something larger than ourselves. There’s something magical and natural about being part of a community - but it can feel harder in our current style of life.


One community that wants its people to stay connected is Te Puke in the Bay of Plenty.  As a close-knit area the residents try to make others feel part of the town and make everyone feel valued. Seeking to develop this connection in Te Puke is The Daily Charitable Trust, which aims to break the poverty cycle and help to meet the needs of the few who don’t always come to the attention of the many. The Daily Trust don’t do this on their own but partner with other community groups and local charities, all bent on making Te Puke “the best little town in NZ”.

Part of The Daily Trust is The Daily Cafe, which paid-it-forward 40 tasty and nutritious meals to those in the town who couldn’t afford it. Thanks to the locals who generously paid-it-forward when getting coffee or food for themselves - that’s community in action!


As well as their GoGenerosity partnership, The Daily Cafe (3 Commerce Lane, Te Puke) uses its profits to give back to the community, both in Te Puke but also internationally. You see, for every cup of Fair Trade coffee sold at The Daily Cafe, one person in Cambodia will get enough fresh water for one week - how cool is that?


Of course, The Daily Cafe is also focused on peopleؙ - feeding their bodies and souls. Not only do they provide delicious coffee and wholesome food using fresh local produce, they also want to connect the locals with each other. They want to build on what it means to be a community.


Next time you’re after your daily coffee fix or need a pick-me-up meal, think about The Daily Cafe in Te Puke and pay-it-forward to those who need it.

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