February 2, 2023

Eco-friendly support for parents

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Those with babies know how many things – clothes, cleaning products, equipment and nappies, to name a few – are needed to look after these little ones. Some parents who are awaiting their miracle of life to arrive are also hoping for a miracle of money or resources to help them cope with the extra things they need to get.


The Nest Collective was established to help such families cope with the added costs of caring for newborns. They are located throughout New Zealand and offer essentials for parents who need them most - from bedding to books and everything in between.


Ecovask, a New Zealand-based company that is focused on keeping New Zealand (and New Zealanders) clean, generously paid-it-forward $140 worth of vouchers to The Nest, who then redeemed them for organic, sustainable dish cloths to give to parents in need.


Ecovask is intent on getting rid of “manky” dish cloths in favour of knitted cloths that look good, wipe up spills, do not smell and are also good for the environment. They can be washed and reused, so they’re sustainable and don’t clog up our landfills. 

Ecovask also produces other cleaning and home-care products, so if you’re in the market for some, head to their website where you’ll find the option to pay-it-forward in your cart. Every small pay-it-forward helps Ecovask to continue to support The Nest.

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