February 12, 2024

Opal and Sage: Stop and smell the roses

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So, Christmas is over and birthdays are yet to come, but you want a special something in your life to make you feel better about yourself and your place in the world. Perhaps Opal and Sage is the place for you! 

A candle could be just what you’re looking for to help soothe away the hassles of the day and help you to relax and feel at peace with the world. There’s the Amethyst Crystal Candle that can aid with relaxation and the Rose Quartz candle with its delicious sweet pea vanilla scent. Added to this is the Rose Quartz Boudoir candle in its romantic and delicate container. Opal and Sage have a range of candles to suit everyone as well as raw boxed crystals and smudging kits. Ah! The perfect gift awaits! 

But Opal and Sage are not just into selling their products but are also concerned about the wellbeing of New Zealand women who have experienced domestic violence, so they paid-it-forward a $200 voucher for their products to Tauranga Women’s Refuge. 

Tauranga Women’s Refuge is a not-for-profit community organisation set up in June 1980 to offer a safe haven (or refuge) for abused women and children who have been exposed to physical, emotional and psychological abuse—often for lengthy periods. These women and their whānau usually come to the Refuge with little more than the clothes on their backs, having had to escape quickly and secretly from their dark world of cruelty and violence. They come to the Refuge seeking help but also a peaceful environment, one that can now be enhanced by Opal and Sage’s products. 

If you need to give yourself a scented treat from Opal and Sage, think about the Women’s Refuge women who are in dire need of a respite and think about adding to your bill to keep the pay-it-forwards coming.

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