February 7, 2023

Pizzas on us

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Written by:

Megan Raynor

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Imagine this. You’ve just opened a gourmet pizza box, that doughy-tomato-y scent making you salivate, the cheese stretching into strings as you pick up your piece of freshly made goodness. Now take a bite. Nothing better, right? 

Thanks to The Pizza Library, local homeless and in need were able to have this experience themselves, enjoying some of Tripadvisor’s favourite Mount Maunganui pizzas. 

Through customers' pay-it-forwards, their own top ups, and the donations of their generous corporate partner Holland Beckett Law, The Pizza Library paid-forward 12 pizzas to Under The Stars Tauranga.

Under The Stars is a charity who supports the homeless and needy in our local community through meals, showers and kindness, with a lunch on a Thursday and a dinner on a Saturday. They rely on meal donations and volunteers to make the good they do possible, which is where the likes of delicious pizzas comes in.

Thank you to The Pizza Library and Holland Beckett law for supporting such an incredible charity to meet the need.

If all this talk of pizza has you craving your own, head to The Pizza Library in Mount Maunganui for one of their tasty creations. There’s vegan and veggie options too that are just as delicious - we’re a big fan of the ‘Peter Rabbit’. While you’re there, why not add a small amount onto your bill to help make even more of this good happen. 

If you’re not in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, head to our marketplace to see where else you can pay-it-forward while you’re out and about.

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