September 5, 2023

Real Rad Food: Big dreams and a big heart

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Good food. Good food that not only tastes good but is good for you. How good is that? Rad good—that’s what it is!


Real Rad Food is a company specialising in slices and supplements. But they also sell Rad Ball Mixes so you can make your treats in your own home. Think Cookies and Cream and Mint Chocolate Chip—yum! They also put together Rad bundles as an exciting gift for your special someone. Oh, and they also have a blog with tips for healthy living as well as eating—and they have special recipes for you to try at home.


Real Rad began as a home-based business but has grown to supply many outlets throughout New Zealand as well as selling their products online. Although they began as a small business, they have a big heart and wanted to meet needs in the community as well. So, Real Rad Food paid-it-forward a $200 voucher to Tauranga Breast Cancer Support Services (BCSS), who were grateful for Real Rad’s generosity.


BCSS, as its name suggests, is an organisation set up to help and support those in the local community who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Their volunteers have all been down the breast cancer road themselves so know what it’s like to feel scared, lonely, and unsure of treatment options or where to get help. When you’re diagnosed with cancer, it’s a really good idea to eat healthily, so Real Rad’s products are useful and tasty at the same time. Their edible treats will be a special surprise for some of the folk that BCSS work alongside.


If you’re wanting to get some healthy and fun treats online, why not check out the edibles at Real Rad and add to your bill at the same time so that the pay-it-forwards can continue to BCSS?

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