October 27, 2023

Sensory Sam: Helping sensational kids

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Sound. Sight. Smell. Taste. Touch. The five senses most of us have and perhaps take for granted, but not all are like that. Some of us are different.


You see, there are some people in our community who are ultra-sensitive in certain situations. Kids are like that, especially those who are neurodiverse or who see and experience life in a different way. So, they need special toys or activities to help them develop and manage life. Enter Sensory Sam. Sensory Sam is an online store that sells a range of sensory products. Not sure what these sensory products are? Well, there’s ooze tubes, body socks and bed tents. Sensory Sam even has tri toothbrushes—that’s three-sided toothbrushes—as well as earmuffs, and fabric or sensory swings. These are all products that can help these kids (and adults) harness their special sensory awareness.


Another group of kids who see life in a different way are those who are extra intelligent or talented. Being extra aware of differences, Sensory Sam recently paid-it-forward a $100 voucher for their products to the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education (NZCGE) whose vision is that “all gifted Kiwi kids get the specialist educational support they need to thrive and achieve their full potential”. The Sensory Sam products would be one way to achieve this aim.


NZCGE works with gifted kids and their parents. Gifted kids usually ask lots of questions (yeah, a lot of kids do!), but they also have a quirky sense of humour, learn new things quickly, are passionate about certain ideas or activities, experience the full range of emotions and can be “different” to others of the same age. And they often need extra input so they can be all they are meant to be. A lot of gifted kids are also neurodiverse. And NZCGE is there to help them with special programmes and activities that they often present through schools around the country.


Let’s listen to our kids, see their potential, inhale the breath of fresh air associated with different toys and activities (such as those from Sensory Sam) so they can taste and try new things, and we can touch their lives to help them to be all that they can be. Groups like the Centre for Gifted Education are here to help as well.

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