January 16, 2023

RRR fuelled by Z Energy BOP to do more

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Fuel costs are quite high at the moment for us all. But they are even more so for charities that rely on donations, both in the form of money and people’s time—and the volunteers’ associated fuel costs in working for the charities. Z Energy is in the business of fuel, distributing it around New Zealand as well as having branded service stations throughout the country. You may have seen their gold “Z” around the place. So, Z Energy understands these fuel costs and has recently paid-it-forward $650 worth of fuel vouchers to Rescue Revive Rehome—that’s RRR for short—an organisation with a group of keen and generous people that want to look after animals. RRR’s motto is to offer “a safe haven for homeless and rescued animals.”


Siobhan is the founder and director of RRR, and she carries out this added role as well as working her full-time job running a wellness centre. How do you do it Siobhan?! RRR is based in the Bay of Plenty, but the volunteers travel far and wide—all over New Zealand in fact—to rescue abused animals, revive or revitalise them to good health, and send/rehome them to caring homes. Do contact RRR if you, too, would like to adopt one of their animals in care—RRR are always desperate for people to foster or adopt their animals in need that can be great companions. With all the travelling that the RRR volunteers do, these fuel vouchers from Z Energy were warmly welcomed and were a great help for an organisation that gets no formal funding. Thanks Z Energy!


Working alongside Z Energy are corporate partners S&L Land Specialists and Spark Business Hub Bay of Plenty, both based in Tauranga and both community minded. Their pay-it-forwards have also contributed towards the cost of these fuel vouchers. We at GoGenerosity salute you all as together we all help to meet needs in our community.

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