January 16, 2023

Self esteem starts with brows

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Make the most of every day and savour each moment as it’s a gift. This seems to be the theme from those who have incurable breast cancer, but it’s important advice for us all.


Having an illness can define us. But not so at Sweet Louise. Sweet Louise was set up in 2008 and is the only New Zealand organisation that helps women and men who are living with incurable breast cancer. Sweet Louise offers compassion and care to these people so they can live as well as they can for as long as possible. They offer support like transport and meals but also look after the whole person, including their eyebrows and self-esteem.


Mount Brows at Mount Maunganui believe in caring for the community. They recently paid-it-forward $100 of their services to Sweet Louise.


The recipient of the voucher was very grateful for the extra care that allowed her to feel good about her appearance and herself.


They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. If that’s true, then eyebrows must be the window coverings. Mount Brows believe that “life isn’t perfect, but your brows can be.” Apart from making your brows look good and offering classes to help you take care of your brows, Mount Brows also offers other beauty treatments and sells an array of skin care and make-up products for you to enjoy. This is where you can add to their generous giving by adding a little to your bill when you come to pay. Mount Brows can also offer cosmetic tattooing, which can be wonderful for those on chemotherapy as well as others who want to enhance their natural beauty.


One of those associated with Sweet Louise had this to say: “Sweet Louise has inspired me not to allow the cancer to control my life. I want to live life to the full.” Encouraging words for us all, whether we have breast cancer or not.

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