January 16, 2023

Making the imperfect, perfect

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Did you know that 122,000 tonnes of good food is going to waste each year in New Zealand? It’s hard to comprehend when many people are struggling to feed their families in this country, especially as the grocery bills seem to keep rising.


Fruit and veggies are being rejected or thrown out because they do not look “perfect”.  They may be not so pretty, or be too big or too small when compared to other perfect counterparts in the supermarket. That’s where Perfectly Imperfect comes in.

Perfectly Imperfect rescues this not-so-good-looking (some might even say “ugly”) produce that is still nutritious and edible and sells Mystery Boxes at reduced prices. They’re based in Auckland and offer their food boxes for pick up on set days of the week or can deliver if you want them to (within the Auckland area).


As one of our business AND charity partners, Perfectly Imperfect has worked with us to pay-it-forward $100 worth of fruit and vegetables each month for the last four months.

This looks like 100kg of fresh fruit and vegetables going to people in need in the local community.

That’s a lot of fruit and vegetables and a lot of tasty goodness! It’s also a lot of generosity.

Alongside their generous pay-it-forward, Perfectly Imperfect continue their generosity by distributing 200kg of food to those in need EVERY week. Imagine all that nutritious food that would otherwise have gone to waste, now being eaten and enjoyed by people who wouldn’t be able to otherwise. 

You may already be part of this generosity in paying-it-forward when you purchase fresh produce from Perfectly Imperfect—thank you!

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