January 16, 2023

Z & Breast Cancer Support partnership

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Having already supported Breast Cancer Support Service (BCSS) in the past, when Z Energy joined our platform they were keen to continue to support them and amplify what they have previously been giving. How? Z allows their customers to unlock their generosity and pay-it-forward on top of their bill, creating a pool of pay-it-forward money that is then donated to BCSS in the form of fuel vouchers, so they can do more for the women they look after.

This time, Z was able to give away $500 of fuel vouchers to BCSS who used these vouchers to both enable their volunteers to do more and to pass on to the people they are looking after, so they can easily make it to their many check ups, doctors and hospital appointments. Dealing with breast cancer is always harder and more complex than one might think, so all the small acts of generosity are greatly appreciated by those going through this tough season of their lives.

Z also supports 2 other charities through GoGenerosity, Rescue Revive Re-home and Age Concern. To support any of these charities simply pay-it-forward your chosen amount next time you fill up your tank.

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