January 16, 2023

10 delicious meals for kids in need

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Cambridge: think a picturesque town, a centre for rowing and cycling, and horses. In keeping with the equine trend, Stables on Alpha (they are to be found at 72 Alpha Street in Cambridge) is a refuge for the locals—and those visiting the town! Stables on Alpha is a bar and restaurant that provides “fun and affordable hospitality for the whole family.” Stables on Alpha has delicious food, an interesting décor, and friendly staff … but no horses!


Also based in Cambridge is the charity, Kids in Need. Kids in Need was established to help kids in need, both in foster care and their caregivers as well as children being raised by their grandparents. Often, children cannot live in the care of their birth parents, and Kids in Need saw a need where these children and their carers needed care packs—including clothes, books, toys, craft needs, and food. This year alone (to August, 2022), Kids in Need has given away 845 care packs to children being raised by someone other than their parent in the Waikato region.


GoGenerosity has partnered with Stables on Alpha, who generously donated 10 of their delicious meals to Kids in Need, helping the children and their caregivers. That’s 10 lucky families who received a free gourmet meal thanks to Stables on Alpha. Next time you decide to rein in to Stables on Alpha in Cambridge, spare a thought for Kids in Need and pay-it-forward your little bit (10c or $2) to help them give these children in foster care in the Waikato region a better future.

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