October 16, 2023

Celebration Box: Dreaming of a star

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Did you ever daydream as a kid about what you’d do when you grew up? About who you’d be? A ballerina? A famous sportsperson? Maybe a concert pianist?


Things are still the same—kids still dream about what they’ll do later in life. But some kids have more of a head start in life when it comes to following their dreams. Others, like those who are disabled in some way, can’t always picture what opportunities lie in wait for them. Until now.


Star Jam was set up to offer young New Zealanders with disabilities (the “Jammers”) a chance to dream big and realise their potential through the creative arts, like singing, dance and drama. Star Jam offers workshops and even gigs to help Jammers develop their talents, grow in confidence and make new friends. Star Jam wants their Jammers to dream big and reach for the stars!


But nothing comes free, and Star Jam, being a not-for-profit, relies on the generosity of others. One such business that was keen to help others in the community was Celebration Box that paid-it-forward $500 worth of their boxes to Star Jam to help them celebrate the creativity of their Jammers.


Gilli, the CEO at Star Jam, was thrilled with Celebration Box’s generosity: “This is SO awesome—thank you so very much! We really appreciate this, and it makes a huge difference. Also, it’s so nice to start work in the morning with such a lovely gift!”


Ever wondered what gift to get a special someone who seems to have everything they need? Think no further than the Celebration Box. Celebration Box offers gift boxes that they assemble, package and send to a lucky recipient. These hampers may contain smelly products or flowers. There’s even one for chocolate lovers and one that’s full of lollies—imagine the sugar fix! Check out their webpage next time you’re searching for a special gift—Celebration Box has something for everyone!


Also looking to give a gift to someone less fortunate than yourself? Add a little to your Celebration Box order so that they can continue paying-it-forward to Star Jam. That way, we can all have good dreams.

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