January 16, 2023

Food rescuers

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Food rescuers? Who’s that, and why do we need them? Think Kiwi Community Assistance (KCA). They’re an organisation in Wellington that helps those in need in the community by rescuing surplus food (and other household goods) and distributing it to other groups that can give it to people who need and will appreciate it. With this concept, there really is no waste but lots of taste.


KCA rescues relies on donations of food that is then sorted and given out by KCA volunteers so that the people who really need the food get to receive and eat it. It’s a great way to save waste, and to look after the planet and its people, all at the same time - sustainability in action. KCA’s aim is to have a more equitable community.


Heeding the call for food, Chow Tory, a Wellington restaurant, paid-it-forward 10 meals to KCA who could then distribute them to people in need in the greater Wellington region. Thanks for taking care of our people Chow, it’s thanks to businesses like yours that we are able to help so many.


Chow Tory is based at 45 Tory Street in Wellington Central. It serves up tasty Asian cuisine, like dumplings and curries, and they also offer $15 lunches for those who want Asian fusion delights in the middle of the day. They offer vegan and dairy- and gluten-free options, and you can even order Christmas dinner from Chow! Not only do Chow Tory make delicious food, they also want to make the community a better place, both for people and the environment.


Sounds like a good movement to be part of? It does to us! Join in by visiting Chow for and paying-it-forward while you’re there.

If you’re not a Wellington local, head to our marketplace to see where else you can pay-it-forward.

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