February 2, 2024

Hark & Zander: Looking and feeling good, naturally

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In the depths of despair from the shock of a cancer diagnosis, many of us would want to get away from it all, curl up in a darkened room and try to process what life would be like going forward. But this is not the way to deal with such a situation.

Look Good Feel Better is an Aotearoa New Zealand organisation that was set up to provide programmes for cancer sufferers to help them connect with one another, and feel more in control of their treatment, sickness and their lives. Look Good Feel Better wants to enable cancer sufferers with any cancer and at any stage in their treatment to feel “normal” again, even if it is a new normal. They offer face-to-face and online programmes for men and women throughout the country as well as specific courses like Skincare & Makeup and Intro to Wigs. What’s more, all these programmes are free! As their name suggests, Look Good Feel Better is about helping cancer sufferers to take pride in their appearance and so develop greater confidence in themselves and in their treatment options. 

One particular way to help cancer sufferers to look good and feel better is to focus on their skin. So, Hark & Zander, a skincare company focused on using all-natural ingredients, paid-it-forward a voucher for $100 of their products to help those associated with Look Good Feel Better. Hark (meaning “good news”) & Zander (meaning “defender of the people”) has a range of skincare products made from hemp heart, a small white seed found in hemp plants that not only does wonders for your health and brain function (you eat them!) but has now been harnessed to help people’s skin as well, particularly those with sensitive skin, much like most cancer sufferers. Hark & Zander’s ethos is all about “strength, confidence and protection”, mirroring what Look Good Feel Better stands for as well. 

So, if you want to have clear, healthy skin AND buy into alternative healthy ways to get it, try Hark & Zander—buying their products will also help them to continue with the pay-it-forwards to Look Good Feel Better as well.

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