January 16, 2023

A less painful dental visit

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Toothache can be a real pain - not just in the mouth but also in the pocket. Sometimes this can mean people resign themselves to put up with the pain because they can’t afford the dental bills.


Recently a Tauranga woman had a very sore tooth with a 7/10 pain level - that’s a lot more than a little niggle! However she couldn’t afford the dental costs involved in checking out this tooth, so she went to YWAM for help. 


YWAM (which stands for Youth With a Mission) has a fleet of ships that travel the globe helping people with dental and medical issues. They do this for free thanks to the volunteer dentists and medical personnel aboard.


Team Dental Papamoa paid-forward their services to YWAM, helping this woman with the sore tooth. They provided her with a consultation and extraction valued at $355. 


She was very happy and appreciative of the help and was "very glad to have that tooth out" and to be rid of the pain. Thanks Team Dental and thanks YWAM Ships as well!


Team Dental is a New Zealand-based team of dentists who aim to be the largest provider of dental services in our communities - they have four practices in Tauranga alone, which means they look after a lot of local’s teeth.

Next time you’re in need of a dental check up or have toothache and need a dentist, check out Team Dental - you could help them with their pay-it-forwards while you’re there, making the trip that little bit less painful for our locals in need.

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