January 16, 2023

Be kind, eat pizza

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Megan Raynor

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The number of children in need of foster care is increasing by the hundreds every year in New Zealand. This is to keep them safe and cared for. However with the increase in children in need of care, and increase in foster carers, the need for support also increases.

Kids in Need Waikato was founded in 2014 due to a concern about lack of support for foster children and their carers. They provide care packs to children and their carers around the greater Waikato region, as well as support through the likes of clothing and meals.

They often rely on donations, which is where Stables on Alpha come in. Stables on Alpha frequently pay-forward pizzas for the children and carers to enjoy, taking the stress out of dinner and giving them a fun treat.

Thanks to the pay-it-forwards of their customers, their corporate partners and their own top-ups, Stables on Alpha paid-forward 10 pizzas to Kids in Need Waikato.

If you’re in the Waikato region, why not use paying-it-forward as a great excuse to visit one of the best bars and restaurants in Cambridge. You’ll find delicious meals made with fresh local products, for all the fam.

If you’re not in Waikato, head to our marketplace to see where you can pay-it-forward in your region. Together we can make a real difference to real people.

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