October 16, 2023

Cleanery: Saving people and the planet

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Feed the hungry! Down with waste food! What if we could take left-over but good food and give it to those who are hungry? Could one person’s waste be another person’s meal? How can we rescue others’ leftovers and give it to people who don’t have enough to eat? The answers to all these questions can be summed up in two words: Fair Food!


Fair Food is an organisation that was set up in 2011 and is the “charity behind the charities”. They are based in Auckland and search out, gather and distribute surplus food to charities working at the forefront in helping those in need. And it’s free for everyone! The kindly volunteers that generously give of their time to Fair Food go out of their way to make sure that good food is not wasted but redistributed—now that’s fairness all round! What’s more, they distribute the food seven days a week—yep, that’s every day of the year!


Fair Food’s aim is to “Feed People Not Landfill”. It's a win–win situation: not only do the hungry get fed but there’s less waste going to landfills so it’s better for the environment. Save the food and save the planet, both at the same time!


But, being a charity, Fair Food relies on donations from others—and not just food donations either. So, Cleanery stepped up and paid-it-forward $200 of their cleaning products to Fair Food to be included with the food being distributed to those in need. Cleaning products can be expensive when on a tight budget yet we all want to have clean homes. Thanks Cleanery!


Cleanery is also into eradicating waste and looking after the planet. They make eco-friendly cleaning products that come in low-waste sachets so less packaging to send to the landfills. They focus on cleaning but doing so in an ethical and sustainable way. Cleanery takes a hard line on dirt (Ban the bacteria! Down with dirt!) but a softly, softly approach to the environment (“Super Clean, Super Green”).


You can buy Cleanery products online and when you do, why not add a little to your bill so that the pay-it-forwards to Fair Food can continue?

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