January 16, 2023

Asian-inspired delicacies paid-forward

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Written by:

Andy Fuller

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Chow is a word used to describe food. Chow Tory takes food to another level. Chow Tory is based in the Courtenay Place entertainment district in Wellington and can be found—you guessed it!—in Tory Street (at number 45). They are a “modern and casual restaurant brand that offers fresh, balanced and healthy food that arrives quickly at your table.” As their name suggests, they offer Asian-inspired delicacies! Chow Tory also likes giving back to their community, so they recently paid-forward 10 of their tasty meals to Sweet Louise.


Sweet Louise was set up in memory of sweet Louise Perkins, who endured breast cancer for ten years before she passed away in 2004. After her passing, her husband Scott set up the Louise Perkins Foundation that runs the Sweet Louise charity to help those in the community who are living with incurable breast cancer. Louise was a very positive person, despite her condition, and inspired others with her attitude.

Some of Sweet Louise’s founding principles include Louise’s own mantras, such as “Dance till you drop,” “Listen,” and “most importantly, love.” What a legacy! Part of sharing this love were the ten meals from Chow Tory as a gift for women and men in the local community living with incurable breast cancer.


Next time you are out and about in Wellington city, think about Chow Tory for a quick bite to eat. And while you are there, you may want to also think about Sweet Louise and people like Louise and others who are suffering from this incurable disease. We think Louise was amazing and are grateful for the pay-it-forward philosophy of her husband and those within the Sweet Louise charity who continually reach out to help those in need in the community.

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