January 16, 2023

Chow makes meals so we don’t have to

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When you’re sick, preparing a meal is often the last thing you feel like doing. So, when they were offered a restaurant-style meal as a gift, 10 families associated with Sweet Louise felt extra special and valued.

Sweet Louise, is a New Zealand-based charity that provides practical and emotional support for women and men suffering from incurable breast cancer. These folk coping with health and life issues really appreciate being given a delicious home-cooked meal because just living day to day is difficult. Sweet Louise offers meals because, for some, their cry may be “I just can’t bear the smell of cooking right now.” 

This is where Chow Tory comes in. Chow Tory is a restaurant that specialises in Asian food, like Vietnamese rice paper rolls and Sichuan-style pork dumplings—yum! You can find them on Level 1 at 45 Tory Street—that’s in Wellington. They cater for families too. And, they like paying-it-forward to allow others to have a better future, so they donated 10 meals to Sweet Louise to distribute to some of the families that they assist.


Tracy from Sweet Louise said: "This service…is very much appreciated by our Sweet Louise members. Many thanks to yourselves for coordinating this service and to Chow for their amazing gift to so many of our members this year."


Life can be tough for some people. But, we can all work together to help those around us in need. Chow Tory did—and you can too. Just by adding a small amount, even $1, all these $1’s can add up to many dollars that can be used by businesses like Chow Tory to give to people like those at Sweet Louise.

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