September 5, 2023

Kind Face: One of a kind

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Feeling tired? Sleepy? Can’t keep your eyes open? Maybe you’ve been using Kind Face products?


Kind Face is a New Zealand-based company that ethically sources products and materials to offer all goods to do with sleep and rest. They supply a range of pillows (body pillows are great for pregnant women and in hot climates!), door stops, and bed linen. They also have heat packs, duvet inners, and weighted face masks, all made from natural products, like linen and wool, as much as possible. Kind Face products can be found at a variety of outlets throughout New Zealand but also online.


Kind Face is the kind of company that also wants to meet needs in the community as well, all in keeping with their ethos of being kind to their customers, the environment, and the community. So, they generously paid-it-forward a $500 voucher for their products to the Kindness Collective.


The Kindness Collective Foundation is an organisation that spreads kindness. They do this by providing food, toiletries, and everyday basic necessities (like bedding and sleep products) to people in need. When families are struggling just to put food on the table, there’s no money left over for the extras. And, this is where the kindness shown by the Kindness Collective volunteers is so gratefully received, especially for extras like birthday and Christmas gifts. The Kindness Collective relies on generous donations from individuals and businesses, so the voucher from Kind Face was kindly received.


So, if you’re feeling altruistic and also want to be part of giving to the Kindness Foundation, add a little to your bill when sourcing Kind Face products online. Every little but kind gesture helps.

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