April 22, 2023

Shop with dignity

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Megan Raynor

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As we navigate through these trying times, more and more families find themselves struggling to make ends meet. From unexpected expenses to the rising cost of living, finances can become a significant source of stress. That's why initiatives like New World Brookfield's pay-it-forward campaign are essential in supporting those in need.

Running from April 17th to May 14th, customers can pay-it-forward at the checkout of New World Brookfield to feed families in need through the Ōtūmoetai Social Supermarket. All donations will be matched by New World Brookfield, and the funds will be used to stock the Social Supermarket shelves with groceries. It's a generous initiative that has already received tremendous support from the community, with over $1,000 paid-forward on the first day.

The Ōtūmoetai Social Supermarket operates on a point system, allowing families to shop for what they need, rather than receiving pre-set food bank-style bags. It's a system that not only provides essential items but also empowers families by giving them the choice and dignity to shop for their own groceries. For many families, it's a lifeline that makes a significant difference during tough financial times.

I am so grateful for the services and help that is run by these amazing people. I always look forward to my visits as you are welcomed with open arms and a positive happy attitude! instructions are so clear and without this humble organisation; us in the community wouldn't be able to pay for what we need and also food. Will be forever thankful. You are amazing!


Ōtūmoetai Social Supermarket

With so many families in need, initiatives like the Ōtūmoetai Social Supermarket and New World Brookfield's pay-it-forward campaign are essential in supporting communities. It's a reminder that even small acts of kindness can make a significant impact.

To be a part of this initiative, head here to see how it works and the impact so far. Together, we can make a difference and support those in need.

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