January 16, 2023

Good amongst the bad

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As much as we all wish they didn’t, sometimes, bad things happen to good people. Cancer’s one of them. It’s often brutal and does not care about age, gender or ethnicity. It can strike at any time, making cancer diagnosis a shock and hard for those with the condition as well as their loved ones.


The New Zealand Cancer Society was established to help those with cancer and their families. This includes research into the disease as well as support groups and practical assistance, like providing meals for cancer patients and their families in a time of emotional turmoil.


Helping the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Division of the Cancer Society is Clarke Road Kitchen, based in Te Puna on the outskirts of Tauranga. Clarke Road Kitchen paid-it-forward 20 gourmet meals that were distributed to cancer sufferers and their families, providing nourishment and care in a hard time. 


Clarke Road Kitchen (at 7 Clarke Road, Tauranga) is open five days per week and serves organic fair-trade coffee as well as all-day breakfasts, lunches and cabinet food. They also have a range of frozen meals for purchase, much like the ones that were paid-forward to the local Cancer Society. These meals include favourites like Classic Beef Lasagna but also more exotic fare like Harissa Roasted Chicken with Kumara, Tomatoes and Olives (that’s also gluten free) and Spiced Carrot Salad with Fresh Avocado and Sherry Orange Drizzle. Yum! Next time you’re having a coffee or ordering your dinner from Clarke Road, think about adding a little extra, even just $1, to your bill to help with their paying-it-forward.


So, good things - like Clarke Road’s scrumptious meals - can also happen to good people.

If you’re not local to Tauranga, head to our marketplace to see what other generous businesses are in your community.

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