July 24, 2023

Finding joy in food deliveries

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Megan Raynor

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While food can be a source of joy, it can also be a source of mental load. For local woman, Imogen who is  going through breast cancer treatment, the delivery of Chow (via breast cancer support charity Sweet Louise) made her day, beyond the excitement of a tasty treat.

Receiving a meal delivery made me feel really looked after, supported and cared about. When going through treatment or even just coping with a diagnosis everyday, little things like what to cook for dinner can weigh on your mind & become a burden. ‍It also is a nice treat for my family, as they are also burdened by the cancer diagnosis and often have to 'pick up the slack' and support me by doing things like cooking dinner - so for them to also receive a meal is really nice for them.


A brave woman going through breast cancer

The impact of a dinner delivery doesn’t stop at taking a task off your to-do list. It can also be a way to bring pockets of joy into your life.

Food can be fun, it can be a tastebud celebration, and it can be a way to bring people together. It makes every Chow delivery from Sweet Louise mean so much more than a meal.

“Food is something we need to consume everyday and it doesn't stop as being a part of our lives just because we've had a diagnosis. For me personally it also brings a lot of joy. It's one of my passions, eating good food, so it's important to keep that joy going.”

Thanks to the collective generosity of Chow customers, the Chow team were able to make this a reality for a number of deserving Sweet Louise families like Imogen's.

Sweet Louise is an amazing NZ charity who supports those with incurable breast cancer. They look after not just the patients but the families too, by giving them access to support coordinators, helping them connect, and lightening the mental and financial load by giving them fuel, food and other vouchers.

The support of food is where Chow restaurants came in. Located on Tory Street in Wellington, they were able to spread the love throughout the city by providing meals to Sweet Louise, who distributed them to patients in need.

A huge thanks to the generous pay-it-forwards by Chow customers 10 meals were distributed last week amongst patients and families around Wellington. And thank you to Imogen for sharing her story with us.

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