February 2, 2023

Focus on fostering

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We all may know of kids in need in our communities. But none more so than Kids in Need Waikato that focuses on helping children who are being cared for by someone other than their parents in the greater Waikato region.  


Kids in Need began its local community outreach in 2014 but has grown as the need has. They rely on donations of clothing, books, toys and money from generous Waikato locals to offer a better future for these fostered children.


One generous local who comes to their need is Stables on Alpha, a Cambridge-based cafe and eatery. They paid-it-forward ten pizza meals to Kids in Need, knowing that it can be hard for these kids and their carers to cope sometimes. Rebecca, an Administrator at Kids in Need, said, “The pizzas were great!” Ten children and their caregivers were grateful for the generosity of Stables on Alpha, their customers' pay-it-forwards, and their corporate partners' donations.


Why not call in for a meal when you’re in Cambridge and become part of this cycle of giving? Adding a little pay-it-forward to your bill after enjoying their pizza, pasta, or small plates, can make a big difference to the impact they can have on the kids in our community.

Head to our marketplace to find other generous eateries near you to pay-it-forward in your region.

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