January 16, 2023

Getting from A to B for C

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Been there, done that is what some Tauranga locals have to say about having the “C” word – cancer. They’ve beaten the disease and are keen to help others who may be struggling with their diagnoses and pain, providing support as they navigate this stage of life. Together, these cancer heroes are part of Breast Cancer Support Tauranga. And they do a great job of helping others to cope with their own cancer journeys.


Being diagnosed with cancer is a terrible burden to have to deal with on its own, not to mention the financial costs too, like petrol to help patients get from A to B. And there's a lot of this when getting treatment, especially if they live far from the clinic or hospital. This is where Z Energy comes in. They generously paid-it-forward $400 (yup, $400!) worth of fuel vouchers that Breast Cancer Support Tauranga passed on to those they support to take away the stress of having to worry about fuel costs when travelling to and from treatments. Thanks Z Energy!


Z Energy’s pay-it-forwards were helped along by their generous corporate partners -  S&L Land Specialists and Spark Business Hub Bay of Plenty. Both Tauranga-based businesses with big hearts, they have kindly supported all of Z Energy’s voucher distributions throughout the year by topping up customer amounts so Z energy could do more good. 

We love that something so useful as fuel can be provided to look after the local community. Next time you need to fill up your car with fuel, think about adding a little to your bill, even just a couple of dollars. If everyone gives a little, we can all give a lot to help others in the community.

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