January 11, 2024

Nothing Naughty: Saving money to give money

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Who loves a good bargain? Do you get an adrenalin rush when the sales are on? Are you the person who waits for end-of-season specials for your shopping? In these times of rising costs, we all love to save a dollar or two (or more!). 

Gaining popularity in New Zealand, the US Black Friday sales, usually held on the Friday after Thanksgiving at the end of November, are becoming the “lets-wait-until-then” trigger for New Zealand shoppers. And we aren’t usually disappointed! One such store that had a number of deals in 2023 was Nothing Naughty. 

Nothing Naughty offers all-natural, healthy and nutritious snacks, supplements and food items—that is, they have no “naughty” things in them! Nothing Naughty produces everything from Protein Bars to Pea Powder and Cacao Nibs to Collagen & Vitamin C Powder. They even have compostable scoops for sale! There really is nothing naughty in their line-up! 

As part of their Black Friday promotion, Nothing Naughty donated $1 for every order so that they ended up paying-it-forward a voucher for $1,846 to KidsCan. 

KidsCan is a New Zealand-based charitable trust that was set up to help children affected by poverty. KidsCan believes in kids and what they can do. They also consider that education is a way out of the poverty trap: more education equals improved qualifications equals better jobs. KidsCan really wants to offer a better future to our Kiwi kids. 

Liz from KidsCan was delighted with Nothing Naughty’s generosity and messaged: “REDEEMED [the voucher]! Thanks 😊” There’s a lot of kids out there who are thankful that so many customers decided to grab a good deal at Nothing Naughty on Black Friday. And we’re glad you did too!

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