May 15, 2023

French influence in Aotearoa

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The French noblewoman, Marie Antoinette, is supposed to have said in response to the people not having any bread (their staple food) in the eighteenth century, “Let them eat cake!”.


Elspeth Bakery can provide both bread and cakes—although mainly to locals in the Mount Maunganui area! As for hundreds of years, bread in all its forms is a big part of our diet. So, Elspeth generously paid-it-forward a $100 voucher for their bakery products to Kura Kai (food for schools).


Kura Kai was founded on the premise that kids do better at school when they have food in their bellies, bread or otherwise. Kura Kai supply partnering secondary schools with chest freezers that their volunteers then fill with tasty and nutritious meals that are distributed by the schools to kids and their whanau (families) that need them. It’s a win-win situation, especially as the kids receiving the meals are then asked to refer others they know who may also need a meal top-up. The voucher from Elspeth will be very helpful in keeping the freezers stocked.


You, too, can find yummy bakery items at Elspeth at 2A Terrace Avenue in Mount Maunganui. Elspeth is the other half of Eddie and Elspeth on the site. Elspeth bakes small batches of artisan breads like baguettes (also French!), focaccia and sourdough loaves for you to enjoy. Of course, you may also be tempted by their other baked goods, like their tarts, as well! You can buy their products in store or online, and it’s also easy to add a little to your bill to add to Elspeth’s pay-it-forwards.


Supporting Elspeth in their desire to meet needs in the community is HospoConnect, the wholesaler that supplies restaurants and eateries with their ingredients and plant.

Bon appétit!

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