January 16, 2023

Fuelling the rescuers

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Do you know anyone who is lonely and may need a furry friend to keep them company? If you do, RRR (Rescue, Revive, Rehome) is the place to go.


RRR is an organisation dedicated to providing safe and loving homes for homeless and rescued animals -  usually dogs and cats but sometimes horses and other animals too. 

Although based in the Bay of Plenty, their volunteers travel all over the country to pick up these neglected and hurt animals, nurture them back to health and find suitable homes or farms for them to go to. Because they rely on donations, RRR was very grateful to receive $300 worth of fuel vouchers from Z Energy to help with volunteers’ ongoing costs.


Siobhan (founder and director) said the vouchers were really welcome. 

These really help thank you [we do a lot of driving] back and forth from Lake Tarawera and from Cambridge.


Rescue Revive Rehome

The kilometres add up and so do the fuel costs, so Z Energy’s generous gesture helped to offer a better future for these animals as well as the lucky people who will go on to adopt them.


This was made possible thanks to the pay-it-forwards from Z Energy's customers, as well as paid-forward donations from corporate partners Spark Business Hub Bay of Plenty and S&L Land Specialists. Thanks to you these animals from far and wide now have a safe haven.

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