September 5, 2023

The Celebration Box: Let’s celebrate!

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There’s a hidden star in all of us! We all have a creative angle, although some of us don’t always get the chance to explore this hidden part of our being. But that’s changing.


To help young people with disabilities to get in touch with their creative side, StarJam was set up to help them express themselves through music, dance, singing and drama. The StarJam stars, known as Jammers, can attend workshops and discos. Some even perform at private gigs, like business functions or end-of-year concerts. Wow! These guys must be talented!


StarJam’s mantra is “Let’s celebrate!”. But the not-for-profit relies on the generosity of others to keep doing the great work that they do. So, The Celebration Box paid-it-forward a $300 voucher to StarJam to help them let the celebrations continue.


The folk at StarJam were very thankful for The Celebration Box’s generosity and had this to say: “Thank you so much for supporting StarJam! We have redeemed the voucher and provided 3x gift boxes for our amazing vollies! Thank you so much for the beautiful gifts and support.

Thanks Janette and thanks so much Nate. This is a wonderful gift.”


The Celebration Box is a gift company based in Auckland that sells gift boxes. These gift boxes could be for a special occasion, like Christmas or birthdays, but also just for telling someone you’re thinking about them. You can also choose bits and pieces to put into your celebration box so it can be personalised to the person you’re sending it to. Can’t think of a gift for that special someone in your life? Why not check out The Celebration Box? They even do flowers!


As The Celebration Box said, there’s always a reason to celebrate! And StarJam agrees. When you’re checking out the boxes online, add a little to your bill as well so that the stars at StarJam can continue to shine!

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