May 15, 2023

Self-belief and self-care

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A lot of people spend a lot of time and money on their skin—cleansing it, moisturising it and even massaging it. But not everyone has the luxury of having such work done on their skin nor even the energy or desire to nurture themselves.


The women at Tauranga Women’s Refuge are like this. They and their kids have usually been subject to abuse in the home and need a safe place to flee to so as to rethink their lives and their futures. Tauranga Women’s Refuge is one such haven that these women can turn to for help. The Women’s Refuge believes that women (and kids) have a fundamental right to not live in fear and violence and offers safe houses to live in as well as clothes, food and support.  


A crucial part of getting these women’s lives back on track is to give them some self-confidence to face the future, whatever that looks like. So, SELF_ paid-it-forward a $150 voucher to Women’s Refuge to pamper one of these women and help give them self-belief and self-respect.


SELF_, the Mount Skin Community, is based at 321 Maunganui Road in Mount Maunganui. They are the place to go to for advice on all things to do with the skin. They also offer collagen and laser treatments for skin that has been damaged or injured in some way too. Such pampering is good for the skin, good for the soul and good for the self.


When you and your skin need some intensive therapy, head to SELF_ and add a little to your bill (even $1 or $2 can help) so that we can all help each other to look and feel good.


Corporate partners First Mortgage Trust and Mount Main Street also believe in meeting needs in the community so were happy to support SELF_ in their giving to Tauranga Women’s Refuge.

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