January 16, 2023

Elizabeth Cafe and S&L meeting the need

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If you would like some royal treatment when having your coffee and eats, why not try Elizabeth Café and Larder in Tauranga? Elizabeth Café and Larder is at 247 Cameron Road in Tauranga—but it is also situated on the corner of Elizabeth Street, so its name has more to do with its geographical location rather than the other famous Elizabeth. However, they offer tasty fare, fit for a queen, and have won Beef and Lamb awards to prove this 🏆 👑


Elizabeth Café and Larder also want to share their talents and skills when it comes to food and have donated 20 meals to Under the Stars in Tauranga. Under the Stars began … well  … under the stars ✨, offering meals, and kindness and compassion to homeless and other needy people in Tauranga outdoors—in all weathers. Nowadays, they offer Thursday lunches and Saturday dinners at a hall in Cliff Road, but they also offer other services, like hot showers, clothes and bus cards. Under the Stars is totally reliant on donations, so they were very grateful for the twenty meals donated by Elizabeth Café and Larder.


Under the Stars also offer other “random acts of kindness” that tie in with GoGenerosity’s pay-it-forward focus. Under the Stars saw a need in the community for helping homeless and other needy people and took practical steps to meet it, just like GoGenerosity seeks to do.

Elizabeth Café and Larder offered the practical help in the form of meals, but they were ably assisted by corporate partner S&L Land Specialists, a Tauranga-based land use development company. Although their skills are in planning, surveying and engineering, they also want to help others less fortunate in this local area where they have been based for over 50 years. So, working with GoGenerosity, S&L Land Specialists and Elizabeth Café and Larder are assisting Under the Stars to give food to the hungry.


If you would like to be part of gifting meals, next time you go to Elizabeth Café and Larder, pay-it-forward a little extra to enable further food to be given to Under the Stars, another sovereign organisation. Then check out Elizabeth Café's HUB to see just how many meals they've given away and to hear back the stories that will come from your generosity 💚

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